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Boomer’s or Bust

By H.A.R.D. Wears on May 18, 2021 in Unique Retirement Gifts

We’ve noticed that there is an expectation of retirement age Baby Boomers, and we don’t really appreciate it! People tend to think that if you are a “Baby Boomer”, you should be fragile, sitting in a rocking chair, playing Bingo at your local senior center and barely existing with one foot already in the grave! We don’t believe any of it and expect you don’t either. Retirement nowadays means something else entirely!

Who Is A Baby Boomer

A “Baby Boomer” is someone who was born between 1946 and 1964. This age group is a substantial part of the world’s population, with leading numbers in developed nations. In 2019, Boomer’s represented 21.19% of the United State’s population!

Baby Boomer’s were born in the post World War II baby boom, hence the name. As a general rule, they’ve rejected and redefined traditional roles and values. This generational group is also retiring later than previous generations (thanks to the economic recession of 2008) but are also living longer than any generation before them.

Speaking Of Rejected And Redefined

As the Boomer’s continue aging, no one seems to know how to treat us or what to expect from us. Have you noticed that once people hit about 55 people have fewer expectations of them and assume they’re staying home on weekends, going to bed at 8pm and only eating fiber cereal for breakfast?!

We look at ourselves and our friends, heck, even our customers, and recognize it’s time to prove our generation is not full of fuddy-duddy’s who follow rigid schedules and complain when dinner’s past 5:30pm. Our brand reflects our beliefs, and so does our lifestyle. Does yours?

We may be semi-retired, but that doesn’t mean we’re “old” and “boring”! We love to travel, to meet new people, have exciting experiences and party with the best of ‘em! We have unique opportunities as Boomers, because many of us are in a financial position we weren’t in when we were younger, and we can now afford to explore and do “what we want, when we want”.

Retirement Is Different For The Baby Boomers

You’re not going to catch a lot of retirement age Baby Boomers hanging out in nursing homes, wearing out their rockers or shuffling around asking for the Early Bird Special, at least not as long as we can help it! We’re more like, “Let’s get up early so we can get a run in before we meet up for coffee to plan our road-trip”! “How about you take the boat over to the marina to gas it up while I grab some extra wine in case we meet some interesting people at the sand bar”! We enjoy life and believe our generation has come to show the world that getting older doesn’t meant we’re getting dull or losing interest in living. We’re so sure we don’t want to be left behind or ignored we intentionally seek out friendships with those of different generations just to learn about new technologies, better phone companies, national trends and more. Our retirement is vivid and full of adventures, not all quiet nights sitting around in our housecoats until it’s the 8:00pm bedtime. We expect to be included and involved, never disregarded or set aside. Our live is far from over and we believe more Baby Boomers feel this way than don’t.

 The H.A.R.D. apparel line, HARD-Wears, made its debut in Daytona Beach, FL. And for the classy, beautiful women, the ones you dream about, a Dame’s apparel line is also in the works. But we are about more than just looking good. H.A.R.D. is a mindset, an attitude. A lifestyle that asks, reflects and answers HARD questions like:

The creation of Half Ass Retired Dude was initially geared towards the Baby Boomer generation – the 78 million people born from 1946 to 1964. These are people in early retirement or those who will be retiring in the near future. However, as we began to ask these questions of ourselves, we realized we shouldn’t just target people our age. H.A.R.D. does not advocate quitting your job, but it encourages you to evaluate what you want and need. In most cases it just asks you to look at life differently. This is also something you shouldn’t do alone. Before making any hasty decisions, seek some advice, get a mentor, pray. A wise person always seeks counsel. Learn more about H.A.R.D. at or contact us at