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Unique Retirement Gifts

Expectations and Communication in Retirement

By H.A.R.D. Wears on September 28, 2020

So, you’re thinking about retiring or trying out semi-retirement. It’s not an easy choice to make. Your friends and family might not agree with your retirement choices, and your finances must be in line with your on-going lifestyle. However, retiring is very personal choice and it’s your decision. Though it affects others, their opinion should […]


The Book of Dudes

By H.A.R.D. Wears on June 3, 2018

   The Book of Dudes – Version 4  Life can be HARD, but it doesn’t have to be. 125 Life Lessons of biblical characters that can still be applied today. (extracted from the NAS Life Application Study Bible) Click here to download a free PDF copy of: The Book of Dudes Book of Dudes-v4


H*A*R*D – Military Design Shirt

By H.A.R.D. Wears on January 17, 2016

H*A*R*D Series – created for the man that wears a uniform. This classic one color design is perfect for the ARMY, NAVY, MARINE, AIR FORCE, POLICE, FIREMAN retiree. The Half Ass Retired Dude salutes you. A percentage of H*A*R*D series sales is donated to Wounded Warrior. June is around the corner, #1 Father’s Day Gift […]


Chillin’ Palm Shirt

By H.A.R.D. Wears on January 15, 2016

For those days when your chillin’ under the palm trees with your favorite drink in hand. Inspired by the islands, make everyone jealous of your Half-Ass Retired Dude status. June is around the corner, #1 Father’s Day Gift This design is available in both short sleeve and long sleeve varieties.


The Classic Buoy Shirt

By H.A.R.D. Wears on January 15, 2016

The Classic Buoy – It’s a great retirement gift for the guy that has a sense of humor and a love of all water sports. Weather you live by the coast or by the lake, this simple but yet bold design is guaranteed to get laughs. June is around the corner, #1 Father’s Day Gift […]


The sweet spot

By H.A.R.D. Wears on March 6, 2014

Don’t wait till it’s too late.


Baby Boomer Retirement Facts

By H.A.R.D. Wears on April 26, 2013

              The other day I was researching trying to find some retirement statistics when I ran across this little treasure. It comes from I just found it very interesting and thought I should pass it on. Click here for the article


Top Regrets of the Dying

By H.A.R.D. Wears on April 19, 2013

After my father’s passing I came across this article by Bronnie Ware, “Top Regrets of the Dying“ . It really hit home and reaffirmed my decision to leave corporate America. – LIVE OUT YOUR DREAMS, NOT SOMEONE ELSE’S – LIVE H.A.R.D. –   Read the entire article here…