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The Best Gifts For Retirees

By H.A.R.D. Wears on October 28, 2020 in Unique Retirement Gifts

Holiday shopping for a recent retiree can be challenging. They’ve already gotten the greatest gift ever-retirement! They don’t have to set alarms to get up, don’t have to fight rush-hour traffic, aren’t concerned about getting the next promotion or who’s getting the corner office. What could you possibly give them as a Christmas gift that could top the world of retirement?

As it so happens, retirees do a lot more than kick back in their new-found free time. Some resolve to become more physically active and start carving out time for golfing, fishing, hiking, or biking. Some retirees choose to give back to their communities by volunteering, while others indulge in their wanderlust by planning a weekend getaway, while others use this time in their lives to further their education or pursue a hobby, like gardening or learning to dance.

Whatever their passion is, you can bet your recently retired friend will find more than one way to keep busy. So why not get them a gift that will help them embrace and celebrate their new way of life? Read on for some creative ideas on what to get for your recent retiree.

Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Sentimental Retiree

Holiday Retirement ornament: Holiday gift ornament or holiday retirement ornament can be enjoyed year after year! We all know retirement might be the best Christmas present ever, and if your retiree is lucky enough to get that gift, help them celebrate and commemorate the holiday with a personalized ornament. Every time they decorate the tree they’ll remember you and how fortunate they are to have you in their life.

Travel Journal: Find a colorfully illustrated travel diary that allows adventurers to jot down itineraries, reviews, tips from locals, and memories they never want to forget. A nice touch might be a reference section on time zones, measurement conversions, and other helpful notes when traveling across time zones or to different countries.

Digital Photo Frame: Retirees typically have photos of their family, travel, fun holidays and friends. What better way to help them enjoy their captured memories than by a nifty digital photo frame. Many of them have different settings so you can upload just one or several photos that rotate through. You could even upload one of yourself to get them started.

Christmas Presents for Retired Folks Who Love To Garden

Custom Garden Stake: Give them the gift of passions personalization this year! A custom garden stake will last for years and let them show off their daily handiwork with pride. Anyone visiting their garden or even just walking by will know who is responsible for the beauty.

Personalized Garden Stamp: Most gardeners love to share their bounty, so why not help them with a personalized label they can stamp on a cute card or note that accompanies the goodness they pass along.

Gardner’s Apron: Gardeners can always use another apron, especially one with handy pockets made from sturdy canvas or other washable fabric. Where else will they keep all of their trowels, hand shovels, seeds, etc…? You could even get it embroidered with their name or a cute saying.

Old Farmer’s Almanac: Essential reading for anyone who loves the outdoors, The Old Farmer’s Almanac includes weather reports and astronomical events for year, recipes, and gardening tips. This will help them determine best times for planting, harvesting, and more.

Holiday Gifts For The Retired Travelers

Set of Personalized Luggage: For the retiree who travels, they can never have too much luggage. Find something durable, sturdy, colorful and worthy of your retiree. They’d appreciate a great canvas tote, hard-sided wheeled suitcases or maybe large duffle bags.

Framed Maps: If your traveling retiree has the wall space you could surprise them with beautiful maps framed for their home. It might be fun to leave the glass covering off, so they could put pins on the places they’ve been or places they want to go.

Clever Shirts: Imagine your retired person opening a shirt that says it all! The wide-open road provides the perfect travel option, but think of how cool it would be to have a shirt that really shows your passion, your personality, your desire!

Whatever you end up getting your retirees, they’ll love the thought that went into the gift. Personal gifts always mean more, and if you’re able to celebrate the fact that they’ve already gotten the best gift-retirement-the gift you give will be welcomed.

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