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Retirement Should Never be Boring

By H.A.R.D. Wears on August 31, 2021 in Unique Retirement Gifts

Retirement can be a shock to the system. Even though it’s something we work our whole career for, it tends to catch many of us by surprise. We think that as one starts the financial planning of retirement, they should also start a hobbies list that combines socializing, physical activity, creativity and personal growth opportunities.

We at H.A.R.D. find life to be quite interesting, and because we considered what we wanted to do in retirement, we’re not bored. No day is quite like the other, which is good for us. We appreciate new adventures, new opportunities, and getting to do new things. It’s part of what keeps us “young”.

Some of our friends have been sharing what they enjoy doing in their retirement free time. See if any of these would float your boat:

Online Learning

Mobility issues, travel restrictions, budget or time constraints may make opportunities for international learning and travel a challenge. But now you don’t have to leave your front door to continue your goal of lifelong learning! There are countless online lectures, educational programs and courses designed for seniors to occupy and expand your mind, even from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Join a Book Club

Do you love reading? Make it even more rewarding by joining a book club! Joining a book club in retirement can also encourage you to read books you otherwise wouldn’t read and can open doors to new experiences! Many book clubs are multigenerational so it can be interesting to learn different perspectives and ideas.


A recurring theme as a popular retirement hobby is volunteering. It’s good for the soul, highly social and comes in a million different forms. Volunteer in a museum, and you can always learn something new. Be of service to others, or volunteer at an arts center. Lots of times these volunteer gigs provide free entrance to shows or events held at the venue.


Though we’ve been walking or hiking our entire lives, we enjoy it more now because we’ve got the time. We get doses of fresh air, great views, socializing and physical activity. Add that all up, and in a 45-minute walk you’ve helped your brain more than you would by doing a crossword puzzle!


With so many Internet resources and other digital tools, genealogy has never been more popular. Genealogical detective work is a great pastime for your brain and might even introduce you to distant cousins you otherwise would never have met. We have several friends who’ve discovered their genealogy and then taken trips to meet/visit long lost relatives.


Gardening is good for the mind, body, and soul, no matter what stage in life you’re in. Create a garden and you’ll not just grow amazing food and flowers, but you’ll get physical activity and the opportunity to share your bounty with friends and neighbors. You can even put great signs in your gardens.


Birding is a perfect activity for retirees. You get outside and walk, by yourself or with a group, and you exercise your mind learning about the new birds, seeking them out, discussing them, etc… Birding gets you fresh air, physical and mental stimulation, and could also lead to new friends.

Singing or Playing a Musical Instrument

We’re not musically inclined but always appreciate another’s talents. We’ve got several friends who  take music lessons. This pastime is something seniors are often a little afraid of. But we think, at our age, people often have a more disciplined approach to practice that young musicians lack. That can be a great advantage and can lead to satisfying progress. And did you know that some scientists think playing music can stall some types of dementia?


If walking or hiking is too hard on your knees, bicycling may be the best retirement hobby for you. Lots of our friends claim that bicycling brings back the feelings of freedom they experienced as children cycling everywhere. Besides, you get to wear cool clothes, bright helmets, and meet some awesome people!

The H.A.R.D. apparel line, HARD-Wears, made its debut in Daytona Beach, FL. And for the classy, beautiful women, the ones you dream about, a Dame’s apparel line is also in the works. But we are about more than just looking good. H.A.R.D. is a mindset, an attitude. A lifestyle that asks, reflects and answers HARD questions like:

The creation of Half Ass Retired Dude was initially geared towards the Baby Boomer generation – the 78 million people born from 1946 to 1964. These are people in early retirement or those who will be retiring in the near future. However, as we began to ask these questions of ourselves, we realized we shouldn’t just target people our age. H.A.R.D. does not advocate quitting your job, but it encourages you to evaluate what you want and need. In most cases it just asks you to look at life differently. This is also something you shouldn’t do alone. Before making any hasty decisions, seek some advice, get a mentor, pray. A wise person always seeks counsel. Learn more about H.A.R.D. at or contact us at