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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

By H.A.R.D. Wears on November 30, 2021

I don’t know about you, but man, there’s a briskness to the air that screams at me every morning, threatening to snow and bury my sun-lovin’ soul (and whispering that I need to travel south). Not that I don’t enjoy winter, but really, I only like it when I’m playing in it, not when I […]


Create Your Own Retirement Schedule

By H.A.R.D. Wears on September 21, 2021

Before being retired, we were excited for no more schedules, more free time, and more opportunity to do what we wanted when we wanted. Man, we quickly realized that retirement did not guarantee any of that! Sure, we don’t have to get up for the grind of the work week, but we still have to […]


Best Places for Retirees in the Fall

By H.A.R.D. Wears on September 14, 2021

We love to travel at H.A.R.D. and we’re exploring the best places for retirees in the fall. We’ve seen the country and continue exploring our nation.


Reel in Good Health in Retirement

By H.A.R.D. Wears on September 7, 2021

At H.A.R.D., we relish the time we have in retirement for fishing! We know it’s not for everyone, but man, we love it! It’s something we’ve done our entire life, and being retired, we’ve made it one of our priorities. There’s nothing like being outside, in the sun, hanging with our favorite people, practicing catch […]


Retirement Should Never be Boring

By H.A.R.D. Wears on August 31, 2021

ugh it’s something we work our whole career for, it tends to catch many of us by surprise. We think that as one starts the financial planning of retirement, they should also start a hobbies list that combines socializing, physical activity, creativity and personal growth opportunities.


Boomer’s or Bust

By H.A.R.D. Wears on May 18, 2021

We’ve noticed that there is an expectation of retirement age Baby Boomers, and we don’t really appreciate it! People tend to think that if you are a “Baby Boomer”, you should be fragile, sitting in a rocking chair, playing Bingo at your local senior center and barely existing with one foot already in the grave! […]


2020, Putting Things into Perspective

By H.A.R.D. Wears on January 6, 2021

Whoa, what a ride! 2020 took us (and our generation) by storm and tried to beat us down, tried to take away dreams of sandy beaches and pig roasts, holiday get-togethers and family celebrations. But boy-howdy, we are showing COVID-19 what for! Our generation has been through the ringer and back, but we persevere. We […]


The Best Gifts For Retirees

By H.A.R.D. Wears on October 28, 2020

Holiday shopping for a recent retiree can be challenging. They’ve already gotten the greatest gift ever-retirement!